AXDEV INTERNATIONAL and MEDUCATE GLOBAL have joined forces in a strategic merger, enhancing global performance in lifelong learning and healthcare.

5 April 2023

Brossard, Canada, April 5, 2023: AXDEV INTERNATIONAL is pleased to announce a merger with Meducate Global, LLC, a Florida-based provider for educational and learning science services, products, and consulting. The merged organization will continue to function under AXDEV, which brings, to our international customers and collaborators, a broader range of quality services.

“We are excited to announce that Lawrence Sherman will be joining the senior leadership team as an Executive Vice-President, Performance & Strategy for AXDEV Global and provide his long-standing expertise in our field. After 25 years, we are looking forward to evolving the AXDEV Group as it moves to new horizons.” said Suzanne Murray, CEO and Founder.

This merger will benefit not only the two organizations by adding to and enhancing current expert services in Continuing Professional Development, real world research, and performance and quality improvement, but will also broaden the portfolio that will be brought to current and future customers and collaborators around the globe. “I am thrilled to be joining forces with AXDEV, an organization that I have known and respected for over 20 years. It is incredibly exciting to be able to have such strong and talented teammates!” mentioned Lawrence Sherman.

AXDEV Group is an international, dynamic, top-ranking organization with more than 25 years in the field of learning, behavior, organizational change, and implementation science. Specializing in investigating real-world issues and designing innovative and behavioral change learning and performance improvement interventions, in healthcare and the corporate eco-systems. Located in Canada, United States and Europe, our organization has an award-winning track record, with our collaborators and customers, with our proven research and education programs. With over 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications and presentations, AXDEV Group is well recognized as a major contributor to the enhancement of performance of professionals, teams, and Worldwide organizations.