Impact on Continuing Medical Education Award

Global CME Impact Award 2017_SuzanneThe Ministry of Health and the pharmaceutical company Lilly develop an Innovative training project to improve the attendance of diabetics in Primary Care

Santander 08-03-2017

Government of Cantabria Press release


The E.P.I.D.D project (European Diabetes Performance Improvement Demonstration)

The Ministry of Health the pharmaceutical company Lilly and AXDEV Group have developed an innovative training project to improve the work of Primary Care teams, both medical and nursing professionals, in the care of people with diabetes mellitus.

This is a pioneering clinical education initiative in Europe that has received the “Impact on Continuing Medical Education Award” given at the 42nd Annual Conference or the Alliance for Continuing Education of Healthcare Professionals held in San Francisco. The Cantabrian project has been distinguished between 22 educational proposals from different countries and linked to different therapeutic areas.

In this formative initiative have collaborated the teachers and training managers otf the Primary Care Management of the Cantabrian Health Service, Jesus Esteban Pellon and Marta Lopez Cano; The Endocrinology Service of the Marques de Valdecilla University Hospital; The members of the pharmaceutical company Lilly, Ivan Desviat and Luis Vasquez Salvi and the Canadian company AXDEV Group.

Structured in several phases, this “European Performance Improvement Demonstration in Diabetes (E.P.I.D.D.) project, has been carried out in three health centers, Davila, Camargo Costa and Astillero, and has counted with the participation of 45 Primary Care professionals, between doctors and nursing.

 The identification of the perceived gaps in care practice by the professionals who took part in the design of a specific training program created to address these gaps and included subsequent evaluation of the impact of the program on the care and treatment of patients.

According to the results, this training program has demonstrated the improvement of the knowledge skills and attitudes of primary health care professionals in the field of diabetes mellitus. Specifically, through the reduction of therapeutic inertia (delayed initiation or intensification of treatment despite inadequate disease control); With greater training in adjusting the dosage of insulin (providing greater safety to professionals); With improved communication between team professionals and patients; And with better control of complications associated with diabetes mellitus.

These results of the educational project have been presented at several national and international congresses, as well as in medical journals.



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