Case Studies

Case 1

Who: Government / Health care

What: The government payer sought a comprehensive performance evaluation of the functioning of the newly defined interdisciplinary health care team, following the implementation of a new health care team cancer strategy.

How: AXDEV led the design and implementation of a rigorous mixed methods research program to evaluate the health care teams’ functioning, strategy, and reality. The study revealed comprehensive and detailed insights regarding the health care team’s challenges in its functioning, processes, rules, structure, and leadership.

Results: This research enabled the development of targeted recommendations for each interdisciplinary team, to facilitate a more effective health care team strategy implementation.

Case 2

Who: Pharmaceutical / Business

What: Assess the impact of a comprehensive multinational organizational change strategy and determine the nature of any gaps or issues to ensure successful adoption of the new corporate strategy. A complete formative evaluation was designed and led by AXDEV.

How: AXDEV applied its in-depth knowledge of organizational change and program evaluation to highlight successes and challenges in the client’s new strategy.

Results: This enabled the design and implementation of targeted interventions to remedy prioritized gaps and, ultimately, pre-emptively address issues in subsequent program implementation initiatives. Our evaluation methodology is now being used in other satellite branches of the multinational around the globe.

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