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In today’s world, evidence, credibility, rigor, futuristic thinking and results are at the core of any solution!

AXDEV is an established, award-winning and well-published international organization with a focus for more than 25 years on what impacts human performance in healthcare and corporate eco-systems. We support stakeholders to improve professional competencies, professional development, interdisciplinary team practices, organizational functioning and efficiency.

Our real-world studies, collaborative solutions and communities of learning, practice and innovation (CoL-P-I) and our leadership interventions have created change in many organizations, impacting outcomes on populations, professionals, interprofessional teams, systems and corporations.

AXDEV has supported and collaborated with stakeholders from around the globe to bring evidence and service that impact and address complex challenges.

Our team of experts in learning, behavior, implementation sciences, organizational development, marketing, management and clinical and industrial psychology is recognized globally as thought-leaders, forward thinkers, doers and innovators. We provide international healthcare organizations evidence and performance solutions that drive successful improvements for a better healthcare environment, applying cutting-edge methods.

With expert facilitators, researchers and designers, AXDEV has supported decision-makers, executives and senior management from healthcare eco-systems in developing strategic and operational models.

AXDEV is a WEConnect International Certified Women Owned company supporting Diversity in everything we do and supporting companies for their Supplier Diversity Programs.

Our history

A successful 25 year journey


From McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine to identifying a need in Medical Education and Applied Real-world research, our founder Suzanne Murray started AXDEV Group Inc. with colleagues in neurology and technology.


AXDEV Group Inc. became an official Canadian company, working with academia and the industry, to integrate adult learning principles and program evaluation in Canadian CME with quality accredited programs.


AXDEV Global Inc. (USA) was founded. Early clients, who sought to improve the impact of  educational solutions and integrate educational research, included U.S. Medical Command, pharmaceutical giants and universities.


Received the first award from Canadian Association of Continuing Health Education in the category of Outcomes and Change in Behavior Research (Canada).


AXDEV Group Inc. expanded its offering to the corporate world and supported medical specialty societies and major pharmaceutical companies to embrace and integrate adult learning and educational strategies. AXDEV was a primary provider,  supporting a business model change in pharma from a product-focused to a patient-centric model.


Award for most outstanding research paper in collaboration with the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Office for Public Health of the Canadian Medical Association.


First publication in a peer-reviewed journal – Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions (JCHEP) and the initiating of performance improvement and implementation research.


William Campbell Felch/Wyeth Award for Research in Education with  collaborators from The University of Arizona and American Epilepsy Society.


Award for Outstanding Educational Collaboration – Mayo Clinic, American College of Cardiology (ACC), University of Wisconsin.


AXDEV EU GmbH was founded and based in Germany to respond to growing healthcare needs in education, working with European and international specialty societies and the industry.

2011 – 2021

A decade of collaborative projects in performance improvement, quality improvement, global research and evolution in implementation research and multiple publications.

Diversity & social engagement

For 25 years, AXDEV has advocated, promoted and supported social programs within its communities. It is dedicated to diversity in the workplace.

An International Certified Women Owned company, with WeConnect and WBENC, AXDEV supports our customers and organizations for Supplier Diversity Programs.