Who is AXDEV?
Experts in the field of optimizing the performance of professionals, teams, and organizations. AXDEV has an evidence-based record of identifying the issues and challenges undermining optimal performance, diagnosing the cause, and evaluating the impact of solutions targeted to overcome those challenges.


What does AXDEV do?
AXDEV has developed unique, reliable, and rigorous methods to assess the performance of professionals, teams, and organizations. Our approach enables a clear understanding of the Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Behavior, and Contextual (KSABC) elements that facilitate or interfere with optimal performance.


Why is this expertise needed?
Professional and organizational performance challenges are complex. AXDEV’s proven performance assessment methodologies provides clear direction for decision-makers, fosters greater credibility, and helps control bias and conflict of interest.

Did you know that AXDEV also offers?

  • Mediation and conflict resolution services
  • Leadership and professional coaching and mentoring
  • Expert facilitation and evaluation of international collaborations and initiatives (including Private-Public Partnerships)
  • Consultation on strategic and operational planning
  • Consultation on transformational change
  • Organizational Wellness Programs


  • AXDEV (Head Office)
  • 8 Place du Commerce, Suite 210
  • Brossard, Québec
  • Canada
  • J4W 3H2
  • AXDEV Global Inc.
  • 397 Little Neck Rd.
  • 3300 South Bldg. Suite 208
  • Virginia Beach, VA 23452
  • USA
  • Telephone:
  • 1-450-465-2011
  • 1-888-282-9338
  • Fax:
  • 1-450-465-1155
  • Email:
  • institute@axdevgroup.com


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